How the site works

We make it easy and effortless for companies to offer online shopping to their customers. Customers can visit our platform and place orders for products through QuikShops.

The website allows shoppers to:

1.  Select goods from retailers online.
2.  Select from a variety of shipping options specified by the retailer, from pickup to delivery where and if possible.
3.  Submit the order to the retailer.

On the platform, all companies can:

1. Create a separate store just for their business which includes a product list, search features, product filters and a unique look and feel.
2. Have access to an advanced order management system.
3. Access reporting tools to track sales and financial statistics.
4. Create pages with content for their store – with text, images and videos.
5. Compose and publish their own Terms and Conditions for customers.
6. Receive low stock notifications.
7. Choose from a wide variety of acceptable delivery and/or pickup options.

For more detailed information, please contact us.